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New Solar Power Systems, New Whole House Fans and Better Health

————————————–HEALTH———————————-SOLAR———————AIR ———

Kurt Shafer has been a solar expert since 1999 when Gil Lugo at the United States Postal Service hired Kurt to build off grid solar power systems for USPS construction sites. Kurt later helped John Schaeffer, president and founder of Real Goods Solar, introduce solar power to home buyers in Southern California. Kurt is now a solar power advisor for, a nationwide provider founded by Jonathan Budd in Del Mar, California.

Kurt is also a whole house fan expert after designing them since 2008. He invented the first high power rooftop mounted whole house fan for homes with no attics. 

Kurt has been researching the latest health advances – glutathione, red light therapy and plasma therapy are the most interesting. 

Solar power

  1. Solar power  eliminates the cost of power.

Whole house fans

  1. Whole house fans slash the cost of solar power.

Better health 

  1. Glutathione – Original Glutathione Formula is the only product that can help your cells restore their youthful production.
  2. Plasma therapy has shown the ability to cure many cases of cancer.
  3. Red light therapy now eliminates fat without liposuction.