Here are some ideas you might never have seen before

Kurt Shafer here, husband, father, inventor and entrepreneur. I invented the world’s first webcam software, SnapNSend, in 1995. I am an expert in solar power after supplying over $100,000 worth of off grid solar powered webcams to the USPS in 1999. I am an expert in whole house fans after inventing the world’s first high performance rooftop mounted whole house fan in 2016. I am the first home inspector to offer free repairs during inspections in Calfornia. I am an invention coach with new inventions such as the weed pulling rake. But enough about me – what brings you here?


If you are thinking about solar power, I can help you.  I am a solar power advisor for  and I also can offer you a selection of small  emergency power systems that are like the gas generators you see all over. 


Do you know that a whole house fan can save you $100s on energy and slash your solar system cost? See this white paper


Whether you are buying a home or selling one, you can now get free repairs! I am a licensed home inspector who offers you as a seller a unique pre sale inspection. I fix issues during my inspection. If you are a buyer, I not only look for issues like loose door knobs and hinges and broken wall plates and loose faucet handles, but I REPAIR them as part of my inspection!


After a lifetime of thinking up unique ideas and working with patent attorneys and idea coaches, I am now an idea coach. You can see what I do at


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