Rosemarie Hahn


News 6-30-23 about Rosemarie’s “Library” now featured in 12 art galleries

There is a very successful art expert, Terry Kettenhofen, in Prescott Arizona who has thousands of pieces of art displayed in his dozen art galleries. He has decided to work with Darlene and me to showcase Rosemarie’s “Library” reprints in his galleries.

Terry counseled us on the value of reprints and the number of reprints that are best to offer. His advice is that since Rosemarie’s original “Library” oil painting sold for $15,000 then reprints would be expected to be priced at 10-20% of that value. Darlene and I have chosen to offer it at 10% or $1,500. And we will limit the release quantity to just 50 reprints. Each print will have a unique number on it from “1 of 50” to “50 of 50”.

You can purchase your own numbered reprint here –

You can see more about Terry here –

This was posted in 2020

Here you can read Rosemarie’s bio and see her beautiful “Library” she painted in the 80s. I met Rosemarie in 1999 in Southern California and she gave me permission to reprint her “Library”. As a result she entrusted me with a high resolution digital file to be sure the reprint is of the highest quality.

It can be printed on paper, canvas, or metal. Below is a picture of the first reprint hanging on my office wall. It is giclee print on canvas.

Below is her bio from Artlinc Gallery that does not include her passing in the year 2007. She left behind her husband and 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

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The email input form below is there for you to get an email from me telling you how to get the LOWEST price for a museum quality giclee print replica of Rosemarie’s colorful “Library”. The original sold for $15,000 in the 90s.

Prints of original oil paintings normally sell for 10% or more of their value. So this print is worth $1500 or more.

For more paintings for sale fill out the form below.

This is giclee on canvas and is 28 in wide 35 in tall