Industrial Rooftop Ventilation

Here is the highest performance rooftop ventilator in history – the Tornado – a HYBRID that offers both the highest performance free gravity air flow and optional powered air flow in one unit using the modern EC motor with infinitely variable speeds. 

Here is a comparison between the Tornado and the top 2 competitors in America, Greenheck and LorenCook.  You can see that the Invisco Tornado turbine rain top is better than any other design in the world. Air flows up and out without ANY restriction.

Here is the heart of the Invisco Tornado. You can see the 6 bladed propeller on the 1/2 horsepower EC motor – capable of pulling air in high static pressure applications. 

Here is a most important case study – the Los Angeles suburb Studio City – where 8  hybrids are used and Invisco is the only source.