MotorWalker for the infirm

On September 28, 2021 I was in a tire store and a lady came in with her walker – the really cheap one with 2 wheels at the front and just legs dragging on the ground in back. She was heavy and bent over from the exertion. I said to her “you need a walker with a platform and motors so you can stand and drive it”. She said ” tell Chris here at the tire store to call me when you have it”.

So here it is – I started with motorized scooters and thought of a way to connect two of them side by side. You can see the result taking shape in the artist’s conception below I did on 12-22-22.

January 29 2024 – I am adding the fact that I have a patent pending on this design. And I expect to have a prototype built in February. Email for updates.

So I drew my idea here – you can see the scooters have braces at the front to make the assembly rigidly upright and there is a link from one to the other for one hand steering. The motion is started and stopped by a one hand control that accelerates when squeezed and slows or brakes when let go.

You see that each scooter offers a platform for standing while driving and the space between allows for walking when desired.

The cost of this should not be much more than 2x the price of the scooters and a prototype should be easy to make from off the shelf scooters.