Cell Phone RF EMF Shield has 6 layers

Best Cell Phone Radiation Shield

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Kurt Shafer here, Founder and Inventor at Invisco.com
I needed a good RF shield for my pocket and looked everywhere.
I found the SYB shield and it looks real good but it is too small to shield my whole pocket.
I found the Scalar Energy sticker and did a search and found data that says it does not work.
I found many bags and packets and other containers that make it hard to just put my phone
in my pocket and pull it back out.

This shield has 6 layers of the best RF shield products you can find. And it protects you best by being so big that radiation cannot get past it to your skin.

ALUMINUM – proven to be an effective shield all by itself.
COPPER – the most popular shield material in history.
ARGENMESH – you can see from the data it is effective.
NICKEL – nearly every fabric sold combines nickel and copper.
SILVER – used for the best electrical conduction in science.
LEADERTECH SF005PCN – by the leader in RF shielding.

The result is a sheet of shielding material you can cut to fit your pocket. That is the goal – eliminate any RF energy getting past it to your skin.

You can cut it to fit any pocket for best shielding

Go to (this EBay page) to purchase yours for just $27.