This page is for r – I am using r so that search engines will not pick up this page under the real name – This is a chronicle of the problems I ran into 3 years ago when I paid over $1,800 for his program to create income via posting ads on f. First, it is important to know that I was unaware of some of fs rules. One was that I could not have multiple personalities. I had created one under the name Kurt Shafer and others under different names.

So the result was that I worked hard to create ad managers and ads to post only to have f shut me down. I was totally unable to make the income I was expecting to make. I asked for help from r for months and did not get what I needed.

Second, it is important to know that even r did not fully understand fs ways. That became very obvious a year after I joined when he created a whole new membership that he named bproof (also abbreviated by me to avoid the search bots). I wrote him several times asking to be given membership in that group in order to try to save my investment. I never heard back.

I like to think that the lack of attention to my messages was NOT due to a callous disregard for my plight. I like to think that r has enough cash that moving me to his new program would be an easy thing to justify.

So I am writing to you and others to ask you to discuss this with r and get back to me. At this time I am still in favor of moving to the new program but only if it enables me to fix everything up between me and f and implement the money making actions.

If getting back into f is not possible, I will appreciate a refund. I look forward to your reply or, better, rs reply.