The purpose of this page is to offer you 1000 shares of stock in INVISCO LLC for simply giving me your personal opinion about my work.

This is specifically targeted to Loren Cook reps and more specifically the rep owner who rudely shut me off with no comment and no reason why. He even told his staff to hang up on me if I called.

INVISCO LLC is the work I have been doing since 1978 when I invented the INVIsible window Screen COmpany INVISCO. That invention proved perfect for my old home with sash windows and screens. But a patent search proved it was first invented over 100 years earlier. Now INVISCO is the home to more that 30 of my inventions – which are described in my new book – Inside the Mind of an Inventor.

Since then I invented the first webcam software, SnapNSend, then a rake for small rocks and pebbles, then a rake with a weed puller attached, and a shed with a roof that moves up to enter and down to hide behind a 5 foot wall in HOAs that forbid sheds, and the highest performance rooftop ventilator in the world, the Tornado.

The Tornado is the rooftop that LorenCook needs to dominate the industry. If LC does not license the design, I expect that Greenheck or PennBarry will. When that happens the 1000 shares of stock you will get for your feedback will be worth at least $1,000.00 and will likely reach $10,000.00 in a few years.

All that is needed is to reply to the email you got with a link to this page.