January 15, 2015 Invisco announces new roof mounted fans in both metal enclosures AND cupolas!

August 27, 2014 Invisco  changes name to highlight the addition of industrial and commercial fans.

NEW FOR 2014 – SmartSpeed ™ automatic speed control. See it here.

More CFM options than any other source – from 1200 to OVER 20,000!

More HP options than any other source – 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1.5 HP for more CFM !

Below is a picture of the Invisco IN3620 whole house fan mounted in an attic.
The 7 blades are custom molded to give you the best air flow you can find.
The custom designed motor at the center gives you an INFINITE number of speeds!

This table shows the 4 models that have the same construction as that in the picture. These all offer you the SAME reliable design and construction. And all are guaranteed for 15 years.

See how you can save more money when you get Invisco with your solar system! 

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Need a larger machine to replace your old ceiling mount? Invisco has the best replacement fans you can find in 24 inch, 30, 36, 40 and 46 inch diameters – all belt driven, all infinite speeds, all work with our patented SmartSpeed(tm) automatic speed control! Call or write for more information. 

All Invisco systems come with everything you need to install them, switch them on and off and control their speed.  And you get the highest energy efficiency ever offered in history when you add the SmartSpeed(tm). We think it is a smart idea.

Want to see the average temperatures in YOUR area? Click on  Average Temps

Invisco is now an every1rewards merchant. See what that means for YOU and your CAUSE here.

R38, R49 and R60 INSULATION FOR COLD CLIMATES Invisco engineers have developed the first R60 insulated ceiling duct adapter. Meet IECC2012. See the details here

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Below are the IN3620 Operating Specifications:


Motor specification - Watts 550, RPM 1465, 3 sones measured under the installation location with standard attic insulation installed and attic hatch closed.

Shown above is the fan with steel chains at the top for hanging from your rafters. It has a collar on the back for  one 18 inch duct for maximum air flow.  To be sure that every bedroom can get maximum ventilation with the door closed, look for our “door jump duct” kits.

Invisco includes a 6 foot long AC cord (longer if you want as an option). This kit also includes one Vari-Speed controller to enable you to take advantage of continuously variable speed from high speed to as low as you want. Note that the air flow is cut by 75% at half the rpm. And, of course, the sound at low rpm will be almost silent. Also note the kit includes a beautiful white ceiling frame and cube core grille. The cube core grille is very important to minimize the sound of the air going up.


This kit also  includes 15 feet of 18 inch uninsulated ducting (no insulation is needed because you will put the air shutoff damper right above the hole in the ceiling).

The kit also includes an 18 inch damper that  has straps to hold it down so you can attach the duct without it moving.

A damper is included for above the hole in your ceiling. It has 2 straps to hold it in place while you attach the duct.

Don’t forget the best news – your Invisco system is guaranteed for 15 years. The components are highest quality.

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