September 11, 2017

Invisco is now selling rafter mounted whole house fans through our master distributor. Contact Kurt Shafer for more information. Kurt is still here to help you get the new high performance rooftop whole house fan seen here. 

final-test-spinning                              avertical blade

Above is the roof mounted Model ER-8000 in test and to the right the new 2017 propeller that has a big 50 degree bite and 8 blades! 

The roof mount is ideal for Mid Century Modern homes. More here eichler banner

Gearard, in Murrieta, California, was delighted when he turned his new Invisco system on and saw the wind (not a breeze) fly into his master bedroom window.


  1. *Mark in  Brisbane Australia February 2017
  2. *Billie in Temecula California June 2012 and August 2016
  3. *Charles in Solana Beach California August 2016
  4. *Casey in Salt Lake City Utah June 2015
  5. Dan in Waunakee Wisconsin December 2014
  6. Richard in Banning California June 2014
  7. Sheldon in De Luz California August 2013
  8. Wells HERO program install April 2013
  9. Steve in Corona California June 2013
  10. David in Corona California July 2013
  11. David in Gun Barrel City Texas May 2013
  12. *Kimberley in Temecula California April 2013
  13. Chris in Bristol Rhode Island June 2012
  14. Gearard in Murrieta California June 2012
  15. *Paul in Indianapolis Indiana August 2012
  16. *Adam in Yucaipa California October 2011
  17. Matthew in Murrieta California April 2011 
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