Immediate Byte Pro


I need all the help I can get to let the world know about my inventions. Will you help me? If so all you need to do is write to and tell me which product you want to help with. Or tell me you want to help with all 3. 

  1. Hybrid rooftops for industrial and commercial buildings? A great example is the new Studio City gymnasium that uses 8 of my rooftops. You can see their plans here . How much will I pay you to find buyers? Each fan costs about $3000 and you get $300.
  2. Whole house fans for cooling homes for pennies? I offer both attic mounted and rooftop mounted fans. If you know anyone without an attic these are perfect. You can see them here .  What do these pay you? They cost $1800 for the attic mount and you get $180 and $3000 for the rooftop and you get $300.  
  3. Garage door windows? I offer easy DIY kits for all garage doors. See them here An average kit sale is $190 and you can earn $40.