Hard to believe the saga continues! Last Wed Doc put on a new product – EPICORE – he cut tiny pcs(about 1/4 by 1/4 inch) and put them in the center of the many areas of bright red skin,

He put new dressing on and wrapped leg in gauze. Pain low. now trying to update this page……..


2-25-24 Update – Leg still in pain. I took cayenne and turmeric and tramadol again at 7 AM today and my leg pain is still high. I am stumped. And now it is 1241 PM and I just took a good nap but leg pain still high. Took more C and T and Tram and hoping for pain relief.

2-24-24 Update – Status today –

  1. I have uploaded medical records that include doctor’s test requests. you can see them here – https://invisco.com/leg/md-reports/
  2. I am uploading zipped images from two imaging jobs – one is an MRI. You can see them here – https://invisco.com/leg/leg-imaging-february-2024/
  3. I am posting all this for the purpose of giving Dr. Lundquist and Dr. Assar reasons to help me get my artery and vein issues resolved. Dr. Huang says they need surgery to make them work better to get more oxygen to the wound to help it heal.
  4. And right now my leg is still angry when I get up from sleep – last night it let me sleep from 10PM to 3 AM when I got up to pee. Then it hurt so much I was forced to mix my usual – cayenne (about 20 drops) plus 3 tablets of Turmeric (see box for contents) plus one pc of Tramadol (50mg) for pain. Tram helps but it is adding a rash that is annoying….

2-8-24 News – MRI results here – taken yesterday. and we did not go to Mayo. And the redness has subsided and so has the pain. There is hope.

2-6-24 I am posting pics – it is hard to believe it was so small on 12-22 and has grown so much. It has been diagnosed as klebsiella, a deadly bacteria if it gets in the lungs. Tomorrow we go to Mayo clinic in Phoenix. God bless Darlene for fighting back her intense reactions to injuries. God bless Kim and Ryan for working to find help.