Signs that FLY!

Now you can fly Christmas decorations or sale signs or other signe high above the ground using the new Invisco Flying Sign invention. (patent pending).

Jan 15, 2024 Update – Above is the latest artist conception for a real estate sign. I created this picture for Ken Conant and offered him the opportunity to be the first realtor in CA to try it out. I told him I will make it for him and if he likes it he pays me $500 when the listing sells. In this picture it is larger than I expect to make. This is about 4 feet by 8 feet and I plan to make it about 3 by 4 feet.

Below is what my Star of Bethlehem decoration looks like high above my house in Arizona. It is lifted by a drone and held in place by wires (that cannot be seen in the dark) that descend from it to the house. The wires in this picture are just 8 feet long but the kit for this comes with wires 25 feet long so you can adjust the height to whatever you want. (It is recommended you keep them short enough so that if the drone should fail it will land on your property, not your neighbor’s).

The wires serve 2 purposes – one to keep the ornament in place and the other to send the battery power from the ground up to power the drone and the lights. The structure is made from very light aluminum rods that are each 2 feet long. The short sections let the entire assembly collapse when it comes down. It is most likely that you will pull it down so it is in control. This entire product is sturdy enough to withstand winds of 40 MPH or less. If higher winds come up it can be pulled down to protect it.


I have a design that will monitor the wind speed and will automatically reel in the sign at a preset wind speed that you set yourself.


The drone is reliable and it has easy access to replacement parts. The lights are LEDs that are sturdy and bright. The power is from a power supply that plugs into any AC outlet – it just needs to be tied down so it will hold the entire assembly as the drone lifts it.

Lifting this star is accomplished by laying the star on the ground as it will look in the air. The drone simply flies up and moves over the star as it ascends, then straight up until the wire causes it to fly right over the wire base. If you have any questions please email me

This invention is expected to be available for sale in spring of 2024.

If you have any ideas for other signs you would like to see in the air send me an email and I will design it for you.

BELOW IS MY FIRST SIGN – The star of Bethlehem.

Below is my idea for 2 signs over a home for sale. One is for an open house, the other for every day use. Please imagine them in daylight, not night.

ABOUT FAA REGULATIONS – The FAA has a rule that says signs cannot be over 500 feet off the ground. These are far under that. And I expect they will come down at night.