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Invisco has many unique inventions – some are the highest performance in history

The reason the ventilators above are so much better is NOT my brilliance, it is because of the engineers at CSR Edmonds in North Ryde, Australia. You can see that air can move up and out with NO restriction. The picture to the right is the now famous LorenCook invention, a curved top edge of the throat to make it easier for air to flow over and down. That makes the LC vent work better than any others with box rain hats. This is the first turbine rain hat in history and now the heart of Invisco’s high performance!

This invention is highest performance because there are no others

2023 Update on Invisco Products Sales Forecast


2023 Update on Invisco Industrial Hybrid Rooftop Ventilation Products

┬áThe Invisco Tornado is the world’s first high performance hybrid. James Shwe used my Tornado on a new gymnasium for Studio City in Los Angeles County. He put Edmonds on the design first, then added Invisco in 2016. Then the engineers in Los Angeles saw that the Tornado’s performance is so much better they deleted Edmonds from the design. You can see the case study here –