CRANK 12-4-23

This crankshaft is from a 1964 VW bug engine rebuild. It is scored in one of the rod bearing journals due to a loss of oil pressure. The other 3 journals are very clean. The picture below was taken before the crank was removed from the engine case. down below are views taken after it was removed. I am posting it here to get quotes from machine shops on the cost to smooth this journal.

These next pictures are closeups of the damaged journal. There are 4 pictures each taken at 90 degrees but first a shot of the whole crank showing all journals and the one being shown close is the one on the right end.

Now you see the crank has been rotated 90 degrees so the journal in question is at the farthest from the camera.

Now the crank is rotated another 90 degrees (clockwise when looking at the right end).

Last rotation now the journal in question is closest to the camera.