Rosemarie Hahn (dec) was a prolific artist. Kurt Shafer met Rosemarie in 1999 and she gave him permission to print reprints of her painting, “The Library”. Kurt has asked me to offer prints to you. 

Here it is on Kurt’s office wall. It is a big 28 by 32 inch print. Below it is Rosemarie’s signature.

Kurt is very flexible regarding the price he is asking for these prints. 

The original oil painting sold in the 90s for $15,000. 

The industry standard is to sell prints for about 10% of the art sales price. So the asking price here is $1500. 

Kurt tells me that I can say to you – make an offer to Kurt of the price you feel is fair to have him make a print for you. 

Kurt tells me that he will consider any offer. 

My advice to you is to look at the present value of this print and look at the likelihood of future appreciation. 

If you pay $1500 today it is likely to grow to $3000 or more over time. 

If you offer $1000 you will gain even more over time. 

If you offer $500 Kurt might take your offer or not depending on the number of sales he makes after this email goes out.

To make your offer you can either call me or write to me. 

My phone is 808 429 0288 or reply to this message. 

Many regards,