For Cook Reps 10-10-23

Kurt Shafer here, to introduce you to my work on hybrid rooftop ventilators. First, please visit this important proof that tells you how this started and why this is the highest performance rooftop in the world. It is proof that my products are the highest performance in the world. 

Here is more detail about my goal for talking to you now. The goal is to convince you that the rooftop design I got from Australia is the best in the world.

Then to show you how I have been successful with it.

Then to show you how YOU can be successful with it.

First, here is the message I emailed to the LorenCook rep in Arizona – Mike Felix.


The secret sauce is the Australian turbine rain hat – here is are 2 pictures of it – one is the the Aussie design showing the motor in place to spin the turbine, and the other shows my design that adds a motor and blade. It is not obvious but the frame with my motor is the same frame as used to hold the motor on top to spin the turbine. My picture is of a 16 inch throat base that has been modified. You can see that I removed the motor from the top plate, turned it over and bolted it facing down to mount the blade on it. On the right is the demo missing the top plate. It is on lifters to enable air to flow in and up when demonstrated. 

400 W BLADE 440p square.jpg

Here are pictures of a production system in manufacturing. This is a 20 inch throat sold to homeowners on Sunlight Street in Los Angeles. Below the throat picture is the home in Los Angeles. 

roof upside 380 sq.jpg


Mike, as you know this message is a win win for you and NSW – if you like this technology as much as I do you can start selling it any time as my rep. My goal is to get Loren Cook II to agree he needs it and license it from me. If he does great, if not, you can still sell all you want. 

Should we discuss a rep agreement?
I look forward to working with you.