For Cook Reps

October 2, 2023 Kurt here, posting important news for all reps for LorenCook Company. 2 years ago I had several long talks with Loren Cook II about my work and about his grandfather. I told Loren about my work with the Australian company, Edmonds, and about my improvement on their “Hurricane” rooftop ventilator, the most brilliant rooftop ever made anywhere. Loren and I talked about the patent I was filing for the improved rooftop and I offered to him to add his name to my patent so he could have a rooftop patent like his grandfather has.

At the time he seemed very eager to discuss this with me. But then his sales manager, Meats, told him I was a fraud and Loren stopped taking my calls.

I never know why Meats thought that about me and he never had the decency to talk to me about it. It was not until a few days ago that I found a Google search result that says I am a fraud. I have just posted two pages on that subject – one is this page – and the other is . I will appreciate your taking the time to speed read both pages. The message here is that I am a hard working inventor and businessman who is one of the most public ever seen on the internet.

Now for the reason I invited you here.

I have invented the highest performance rooftop ventilator in history by using the Australian rain hat combined with my powerful motors and blades. I have posted proof of its performance here –

Now, the other reason I invited you here is to ask for your help in convincing Loren and Jim Meats and Loren’s engineering manager Bob Valbracht that they need to take me up on my offer to grant them an exclusive license to use this rain hat technology on which I have a patent pending.

Let’s look at what you can expect when they accept that offer:

  1. Every new design for a rooftop ventilator pulling up to 25,000 CFM will be dominated by this hybrid performance.
  2. As the sales representative for LorenCook YOU will dominate your territory with new demo units that will show how superior this hybrid concept is. And here is a look at a typical demo unit.

Hybrid rooftop in slight breeze

5/26/24 adding note to say I am here to check content – Kurt