This is a copy of my email to PennBarry on 8-31-23. I have rewritten it to be neutral. It is posted here for access by John Mahoney at Twin City Fans, Brandon Krautkramer at Greenheck and Bob Valbracht at LorenCook. I started this message with a look at my invention background, my webcam software. It now occurs to me that I want you all to have my book, the first I have written, done in 2022 – “Inside the Mind of an Inventor”. Download it here


One of my best inventions was the first commercial webcam software, SnapNSend.
It was used by Surfline in 1996 for their Open competition – here is the history.

And the United States Postal Service paid me over $100,000 to supply my webcam software in systems.

But most important is that in 2012 I posted a web site to sell whole house fans in Australia.
In 2015 I got my first order and looked for parts in Australia.
Here is the rest of that story – https://invisco.com/history-of-the-hybrid-rooftop/

In summary, I own the IP for the Australian rain hat that is the highest performance in the world. I was given rights to it by the Export Sales Manager for Edmonds, Alan Ramsay and I have a patent pending.

How can I say it is the highest performance?

1. More CFM per watt than any other

2. More CFM using free gravity than any other (there is no comparison to ANY other American product)
You can see I have improved on the Edmonds specs by simply enlarging the turbine.

Now here is the best example of the value of this Australian hybrid design- Affiliated Engineers working with ZimmerGunsulFrasca in Seattle chose Edmonds for passive draw in their stack – and since they could not quite meet the ideal draw they made use of the optional motorized air flow. 

Does the above adequately show you how unique this Australian design is?
Edmonds sells these all over the world and you could as well.

Now, here is what I am offering to the most qualified US vendor –
1. A firm design of a motorized propeller built and tested and shipped.
2. A firm design of the louvred rain top that is also built, tested and shipped.
You can see the rain top is upside down to show the base and, hard to see, the stainless steel bearing assembly that has two bearings about 3 inches apart vertically. The 4 legged base has since been redesigned to be a welded tripod. This design is so good that a local contractor commented on a sample he saw at an outdoor trade show- “I have never seen an assembly like that rotate in such a small breeze as we have today”. That was Greg Dressel in Chino Valley Arizona who would be pleased to talk to you about it.

Now, in addition to this design I have a patent pending on a new heat vent that is a direct axial drive motor to propeller assembly that
is made in a way that the motor is continuously cooled by outside air so it can operate in 1000 degree air for longer than any other on the market today. Yes, the motor shaft is connected to the hot metal propeller blade but it is thermally isolated so the 1000 degree propeller will not heat the motor shaft.

Now, Brandon, Bob and John – I need you to send me a non disclosure agreement so I can send you the details from the patent application.

And I need the following information from each of you potential licensees about the following

1. A statement that you see the unique value in this technology and understand it can place your company in the best competitive position available today.
2. A description of the products – models and markets – that you see are candidates for conversion to the use of this louvred rain top.
3. A rough estimate of the number of units you project will be made in 2023 and 2024 and an estimate of what volume will occur each month after your planned product launch.
4. A rough estimate of the number of units that might be used in new models that will be announced in 2023 and 4.
5. A proposed price you will offer to pay Invisco per unit in return for the exclusive right to make this for your products.
6. Your opinion on the idea that Invisco might take one of two actions – One is to continue to offer the Invisco models and compete with you, the 2nd is to agree to cease marketing and sales of competing products.

I am collecting this information in anticipation of making a deal with one of you as soon as possible.