Free Electrical Help

I am now offering you 30 minutes of electrical help by phone if you have a voltmeter or can get one and you are handy enough to take covers off of AC outlets and switches and GFCIs.


A neighbor called me about electrical outlets in his back yard. Some had no power. He had a voltmeter and a screwdriver and he could take cover plates off. I told him that if I were at his house I would take these actions.

  1. I would check the main circuit breaker panel to be sure all breakers are normal.
  2. I would measure the AC voltage in each outlet to document which outlets had no power.

So he took those actions with me on the phone with him. In about 40 minutes he had discovered that one GFCI had no power coming out of it. The conclusion was that the GFCI had failed internally. He replaced it and solved his problem at no cost..

Call me 951 296 3611