Solar Power

Tired of PG&E shutting off your power? Or Edison or SDG&E?? Here are the solutions

  1. My solar panel system with a battery and controls and inverter. You will see below the 1500 watt system for $1500. My system is the same performance but not a pretty  but the price is $900.  
  2. Simple solar panel and battery with charge controller and inverter. 

    This is $1500 and comes with all you need – it will power your refrigerator for 20 hours and LED lights for 300 hours. Buy it here

  1. 2 panels with more batteries for larger loads for longer times. 

  1. 3 panels with even more batteries.

  1. A roofftop of panels and more batteries. 

OFF GRID SOLAR EXPERT – The United States Postal Service paid me over $100,000 in 1999 to design and supply off grid solar power systems for remote pole mounted webcams and wireless control. 

YOU GET A CHOICE  – between small portable solar and roof or ground mounted panels. 

YOU GET THE BEST INSTALLERS in Southern California and most other states through POWUR in DelMar. 

YOU GET THE BEST ADVICE about both on grid and off grid solar power.

YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT MY ALL ELECTRIC MOTOR HOME – I have designed an all electric motor home with folding solar panel arrays that charge a bank of batteries to make the motor home independent on gasoline. 

I have designed a solar panel mounting system for mobile home and industrial buildings that is independent of the roof strength by mounting on the walls where they meet the roof.

I have designed portable solar systems for buildings owned by third parties so if you rent a commercial space you do not need to alter the structure. 

For more information call me at 951 296 3611