9-19-23 – LATEST update

To the 3 top people at LorenCook, PennBarry and Greenheck. Here is a new offer I hope you will not refuse.

I offer you ownership in my LLC as payment for your time to really understand the value of this offer to obtain exclusive license to technology I got from Australia.

Invisco LLC is a company I formed in 1978. I plan to issue 10,000,000 shares of stock in 2024. Right now I am offering “Fracts” – fractional ownership. One Fract is 1/10,000,000th ownership so when shares are issued each Fract will convert to a share.

Financially Invisco LLC is projected to be selling $3,000,000 a year in 2015. At that time each Fract will be worth just under $1.00. Below is your name in a list of the 9 recipients of this message.

Luis Vargas, Eric Van Thomme, George Oliver at PennBarry
Brandon Krautkramer, Pat Cotter, Jim McIntyre at Greenheck
Bob Valbracht, Jim Meats, Loren Cook at LorenCook

Here is what I want to pay you –

10,000 Fracts ($10,000 soon) just for reading all of this and calling me on 951 296 3611.

100,000 Fracts ($100,000 soon) to the 3 who decide to obtain this exclusive license. AND you get the added benefit of helping to increase the value of that ownership!

I look forward to talking to each of you about this exciting opportunity.

Kurt Shafer

PS you will read that Affiliated Engineers Inc. was the company that worked on a large project at the University of Washington and selected Edmonds in Australia instead of one of you to supply their rooftop ventilators for an important reason you will read below.

Below was posted on about 9-12-23___________________________________

This subject is in 2 parts – this 1st part is a summary of the Australian technology and a list of the 4 Engineering Managers at the top 4 American rooftop ventilation suppliers to whom this message is addressed.

The 2nd part is the action requested of each of these engineering managers. That page is here – https://invisco.com/exclusive/action-needed/

Below is the list of engineering managers and VPs I am trying to talk to in no particular order. I have been attempting to connect with all of them with mixed success. I have Luis’ cell phone but I hear he is out on medical leave for an unknown length of time. John Mahoney says this does not fit in to his product plans. Thank you, John. Brandon has not replied to any email or message. Nor has Bob.

  • Luis Vargas at PennBarry
  • John Mahoney at Twin City Fans
  • Brandon Krautkramer at Greenheck
  • Bob Valbracht at LorenCook


The purpose of this page is to describe Australian rooftop technology that was used by Affiliated Engineers in Seattle to design a new 4 story engineering building for the University of Washington in 2012. AEI went to Edmonds in Australia because none of the companies listed above had the excellent free gravity air flow that Edmonds has.


This is the best example of the value of this Australian hybrid design- Affiliated Engineers working with ZimmerGunsulFrasca in Seattle chose Edmonds for passive draw in their stack – and since they could not quite meet the ideal draw they made use of the optional motorized air flow. 


1. More CFM per watt made possible by the very open louvre design coupled with a motor and blade inserted by me in the Invisco Tornado design.

2. More CFM using free gravity air flow than the Edmonds design because I improved on the Edmonds specs by simply enlarging the turbine.


A firm design of a motorized propeller built and tested and shipped.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-7.png

A firm design of the louvred rain top that is also built, tested and shipped.

You can see below the rain top is upside down to show the base and, hard to see, the stainless steel bearing assembly that has two bearings about 3 inches apart vertically. The 4 legged base has since been redesigned to be a welded tripod.

“I have never seen an assembly like that rotate in such a small breeze as we have today” Said Greg Dressel in Chino Valley Arizona.


I have a patent pending on a new heat vent that is a direct axial drive motor to propeller assembly that is made in a way that the motor is continuously cooled by outside air so it can move 1000 degree air for longer than any other on the market today. The motor shaft drives the 1000 degree metal propeller blade but it is thermally isolated so the propeller will not heat the motor shaft.