Duck Curve Shows A Real Problem Coming

The “Duck Curve” proves that we cannot continue on the same path most solar companies offer. The reason is that the power generating systems are being stressed more and more every year. The power grid is older and more unreliable than ever before – you know how often our power grid goes down. And  the reasons for its failure are becoming more and more difficult to avoid.  
Power poles hit by vehicles

The Duck Curve Shows the Reason

See the belly of the duck? See how it is lower every year? See the “over generation risk”? See the amp need – 13,000 megawatts increase in just 3 hours! That is the warning the energy companies are now focused on.


There has been a dramatic change in our energy needs in just the last few years. Can you imagine what this curve will look like in another 10 years? Right now it is estimated that less than 2% of homes have solar. What happens when 10% have solar? The belly of this curve will get lower and the problems our power companies will have will be insurmountable.

The Problem? No Sun at Night

We expect our local power company to send us electricity at night and then stop during the day and then power up again the next night. The power companies will not be able to sustain operations when this gets worse.

The Solution – Batteries

Batteries offer us all complete assurance that we do not need to worry about the power grid any more. They ensure continuous electricity independent of external forces. 

The Payoff for You?

You and your family can be assured that you will have electricity no matter what happens to the power grid.

Time for You to Take Action

If you have a solar system simply call your installer and ask them to quote the addition of batteries. And take one more action – call me, Kurt Shafer, to be sure you get the best modern batteries you can at the best price you can. 951 296 3611.

If you don’t have a solar system yet, and you feel it is time to finally be rid of the uncertainty of dependence on the grid, call me, Kurt Shafer, to be sure you get the best solar system and the best modern batteries you can at the best price you can. 951 296 3611.


Is Solar in Your Future?

Imagine your world in 2030. Will you still be dependent on the unreliable and expensive electricity generated by power plants designed 100 years ago? Or will you be independent with your own energy source and the peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens to the national power grid you will have the energy needed to keep living?

Do you know what you need to be independent?

Energy independence is more than just a few solar panels on your roof. You need to be able to have power 24/7. You know that when the sun goes down your solar energy goes down. Then, if you have the average system sold by the average solar power company in your town, you are no longer independent, but now you are at the mercy of your local power company.