aul in Indianapolis said “Feel free to give my name and phone to anyone who wants to talk to me.” *** means you can get their email from me for reference.

YELP reviews – here are 5 great reviews that are suppressed by YELP’s controversial review procedure. YELP refuses to unsuppress them. 






You will find there are some bad reviews on YELP – the worst from Bertwin Lord – a contractor in Hawaii who bought my first rooftop whole house fan in 2014. He did not like the construction but instead of working with me to bring it up to his standards, he elected to slam me on YELP. The other bad reviews are similar – the people did not lose money and they got good fans but they decided to slam me. And YELP is no help. They suppressed some excellent reviews and refuse to discuss them with me. Those 5 people have cost me $1000s in lost orders.

Charles in Solana Beach saw the bad reviews last year and made the decision to trust the good reviews. He is so impressed with what he got he is now an avid supporter.