DELIVERY – Your shipping date will be estimated at time of order and should be about  2-3  weeks from the date of your order but Invisco takes no responsibility for late shipments. Failure to ship on any projected date is no cause for cancellation. Note that every Invisco system is handcrafted for maximum performance. This means that there will be parts of the system that are not built on a production line but by our subcontractors one at a time. Now, to be fair, you should expect that the shipment cannot be unduly late. So if your fan is not ready for delivery in 60 days from order date, you will be reimbursed $100 per week if later. ( This is a new clause for orders on or after May 1, 2017)

PAYMENTS – Your down payment or half of your full payment will be spent immediately for the parts and labor needed for your system. As a result your 50% down payment or 50% of your full payment will not be refunded if the order is cancelled at any time for any reason. Also note that Invisco machines are heavy and bulky and subject to being scratched during handling. So expect some flaws in paint and a few scratches. Those do not affect the operation nor the warranty.

Guarantee – 16 years

All Invisco systems are fully guaranteed against failure of any electrical part – the motor, remote controls and the speed controller. !

There are some items we need to put in the “fine print”- for instance, the guarantee is voided if you modify the system in any way or damage it or it is damaged by a natural disaster or accident.


UL Approved Parts Only

All Invisco whole house fans use only UL approved electrical parts. Every motor is UL and CSA approved and they all have internal over temperature protection. The remote controls and Vari-Speed continuous speed controllers are also UL approved. You can rest assured that you are buying only the best products when you buy Invisco.

Updated 1-1-17