Solar Power

There are 100s of sources for solar power systems. Here are some reasons to let me help you:

  1. I represent the best installers in Southern California through POWUR in DelMar. 
  2. I can advise you about both on grid and off grid solar power AND about how to get both for ultimate safety and convenience. 
  3. POWUR also offers excellent installers in almost all the other states in America. 
  4. The United States Postal Service paid me over $100,000 in 1999 to design and supply off grid solar power systems for remote pole mounted webcams and wireless control. 
  5. I have designed an all electric motor home with folding solar panel arrays that charge a bank of batteries to make the motor home independent on gasoline. 
  6. I have designed a solar panel mounting system for mobile home and industrial buildings that is independent of the roof strength by mounting on the walls where they meet the roof.
  7. I have designed portable solar systems for buildings owned by third parties so if you rent a commercial space you do not need to alter the structure. 

Here are some details 

First, the duck curve has been used for many years to demonstrate the emerging problem with solar power systems without batteries. 

The Duck Curve shows yearly increase in strain on our grid. 

Automated solar power systems switch between on grid and off grid. These are the most important systems to understand and implement in 2019 and beyond.

On-grid solar power systems generate power using a solar power system and are directly connected to the utility power grid. On-grid systems can be installed with or without net metering. These systems do not work during grid power outages.

Off-grid solar power systems work independently of the grid and have batteries which can store the solar power generated by the system.

Automated systems connect to the grid when the grid is up and working. 

If the grid goes down a power switch disconnects the load from the grid and uses the energy stored in batteries to power the load.

There is no better solution to the growing demand issue shown by the now famous duck curve. The duck curve proves that the huge fluctuations in power grid demand caused by solar power being available when the sun is up but not when it is down are no sustainable in the future.

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