Whole House Fan News

January 12, 2018

If you have an open order from 2017 please know that you will get what you purchased.

If you are owed some part not yet shipped it will be shipped.

I want to thank all you great customers that have put your trust in me since 2008 when I sold my first whole house fan.

After years of improvement in my rafter mount I achieved a big goal – to have the best fan in the world. But while I excelled at performance, my customer service was not the best. I have hundreds of very happy customers but a few of you were disappointed.

Now, the good news is you can still get the ES-6400 from a new source that will ship when they say they will ship, Thorwaldson Whole House Fans. See http://www.thorwaldsonwholehousefans.com/

And, if you have a home with no attic, you can get the ER-8000 from Idea Buyer in Ohio. Web is https://www.ideabuyer.com/ Contact is Michael Ramey at 614 400 9683.

So, to my loyal customers I say THANK YOU!


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