Wireless Speed

May 19 2017 Just found the best wireless camera so you can see what your wireless speed control is doing!

It as the Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA – here is what you get

Zmodo in hand

And here is what you will see on it with your smart phone:

speed Spd Speed rpmspeed t number

First it displays SPd, then the RPM, then the t number which is the % of full speed.

In this case t is 12 % and speed is 390 RPM. Full speed is about 1100 RPM so this is not perfect but close.

Invisco whole house fans now have a wireless speed control for the infinitely variable speed EC motors. The control has three buttons, up, down and on/off.  The on/off button drops the speed output to zero and remembers the speed output so when turned back on the speed output is the same. The receiver takes 120 VAC input at the left of the unit below and puts out 0-10VDC on the two connections on the right. Please note that the picture below right is of a wireless light dimmer number DM015 that does NOT control EC motors. Invisco modifies the DM015 to enable ECM control.

wireless     10v_dimmer_led_controller