QuietCool’s QC1500 sells today for about $600. Invisco now has the same performance in our QC1500. 

Below is a picture of it in my attic. The motor and blade are in the top box with a hinged cover that keeps cold air from falling into your home in winter.The fan pulls air in both sides from 12 inch openings in your ceiling.

Two steel straps at the upper corners hold the blower up by connecting the corners to a bar that is lag screwed to the rafters. The duct connects to a ring on top of the ceiling opening and the frame and grille shown below mount below the ceiling. 

This powerful system is priced at just $349 with a 3 speed motor. 4 and 5 speed motors are available. 

inv111-300x225frame n grille 800 wide    collar

Above is frame and grille for under the ceiling opening. To the right is the duct collar for over the ceiling opening.