SmartSpeed(TM) Whole House Fan Thermostat


NEW SmartSpeed(TM)  Automatic Control Just Released! Turn your whole house fan on and it will automatically turn off at your preset temperature.

ss labeled 300sq   thermo500

Wiring is as follows


24 vac to 1 AND 2 – use the wire connected to 1 as a common wire that will be the wire for speed control back to the motor white or (-) input.

Wire another wire from 8 bach to the motor speed control black or (+) input. 

When your home is hot – over 80 degrees or more, SmartSpeed(TM) starts your whole house fan on at high speed for maximum cooling. Then as the temperature drops, the fan speed (and input power) drops until it is turned off. Unlike other thermostats, SmartSpeed(TM) does NOT turn your whole house fan on. Only you can do that, either at home or by remote control through either a local wireless AC power switch OR by your smart phone using off the shelf AC remote switche

The speed control has a list price of $195.

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