Installation and Specifications

Invisco systems come in kit is the ES6400 kit:
1.  Motor and blade and damper in 20 inch diameter by 24 inch shell.
2.  8 feet of  20 inch diameter flex duct.
3. Frame and cube core grille and 20 inch start collar for the opening in your ceiling. 

Below you see the new wireless control. It has an up arrow for higher air flow, a down arrow for lower, and an on off button. When on it saves the speed setting. 

latest-attic380-sq  z2017 fan on hanging ryans rental   wireless

Above is the shell with motor and blade inside and above it the mounting bracket that hangs on the bar held to 2 rafters by lag screws. On the right end of the shell is the 20 inch flex duct. The picture at the right above is the damper on a thin aluminum ring on the top of the ceiling in the attic. 


1. Cut a hole 20-1/4 inch diameter  in the ceiling in a hallway or room or closet. If you are a renter, put the hole in the attic entrance hatch cover. 

2. Put the thin metal ring with the 20 inch start collar and 4 rivet nuts on top of the hole. You will need to cut small holes for the rivet nuts. 

IMG_1315  IMG_1317

Top view of start collar                            Bottom showing rivet nut 

3. Put the cube core grille inside the hole in the ceiling with the THIN EDGE DOWN.

4. place the frame under the grille and use the (4) 6-32 screws to hold it up and hold the grille in place.

5. Use two lag screws (included) to bolt the 24 inch 1×1 inch tube from one rafter to another at a location close to the hole in the ceiling.

6. Locate an AC outlet in the attic for the AC power plug. If there is none then install an AC power plug.

7. Lag screw the support bar (1×1 inch alum tube) to two rafters. Hang the fan with the EasyUP hanger on the bar between rafters.

Here is the bar – IMG_1318

8. Install the 8 feet of 20 inch flex duct between the fan outlet and the damper over the ceiling.


Make a plenum with a plywood sheet so that the damper can sit on top of the plenum and the grille and frame can be in the ceiling.

Cut a plywood sheet 33 inches (to span 3 joists) by 24 inches and cut a hole in the center to match the damper size minus 1 inch. Then place the sheet over 3 joists with one in the center. Cut 4 2x4s or 2x6s (depending on the joist dimension)  to fit between the joists to box in the space.

Then cut a round hole in the ceiling below the joists to hold the cube core grille. In this case you can either hold the grille up with wood screws or cut the metal ring so it fits between the joists and accepts the 6-32 white top screws supplied.

For more information or application assistance, call 800 579 5018 .

7-21-16 Here you see the installation done by Casey in Salt Lake City. 


Central motor and blade and damper in a shell is 20 inches diameter and 24 inches long.
Flexible duct is 20 inches diameter and 8 feet long.

Motor is 120 VAC 60 Hz 505 watts max, less than 50 watts at low speed.
Speed is infinitely variable from low RPM up to just under 1200 RPM. 

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