Kurt Shafer here – I always wanted windows in my garage door so one day I created a kit for adding windows to mine. I carefully measured the embossed frames in the steel door and I had aluminum sheet cut to make new frames to cover the openings that were to be cut for the windows.

The kit I created is made up of

  1. Custom cut frames (4 or 8) for outside the door to cover the cut edge of the door metal. These are aluminum sheet ready for painting. The mounting hardware comes already installed in these frames.
  2. Custom cut plexiglass for the inside to let light in and keep bugs out. It comes in either clear or opaque. Opaque is recommended if you are concerned about others looking into your garage. These sheets are pre drilled for the mounting hardware in the frames.

Installation is easy for you or a handyman. Cut openings 1/4 inch larger than the inside length and width of the frame you want. The best way to cut the thin steel door is with a 7-1.2 inch electric saw and an abrasive wheel. Drill 4 holes one at each corner with the drill template I will send you with the kit. Insert the frame bolts into the holes. Put the supplied nuts inside the garage to hold the frame in place. Go inside the garage and place the plexiglass on the mounting bolts. Install the supplied nuts to hold it all together

Here are the primary measurements for you to provide for your kit.

  1. Width of outside of frame.
  2. Width of inside the frame.
  3. Height outside.
  4. Height inside.

Pictures below – the first one shows the embossing in the door. Measure the outside height – here  it is 11 inches. Measure the outside width. Here it is 15.25 inches.
height outside 11 inches     width outside 15.25 inches

Then plan for the inside of the trim frame. Here the height is 7.5 inches and width 11.75 inches. That is what the inside of the embossing is.

height inside 7.5 inches    width inside 11.75 inches

To order your kit deposit $250 in my US Bank account number 157510139445

If you are in my neighborhood just call and I will pick up a check for $125 with balance due when I deliver your windows. 951 296 3611.

Then email me the inside and outside dimensions you want for your garage. Send your address for mailing to



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