Industrial Rooftop

Here is the highest performance rooftop ventilator in history – the Tornado – a HYBRID that offers you all the performance features of the original Edmonds EcoPower hybrid PLUS dramatically improved air flow in high static pressures. (The Edmonds engineers made the decision to maximize gravity air flow so they decided to rotate the turbine top for powered air flow but the turbine cannot pull air in a static pressure above 0.11 inches.)

Here is a dramatic comparison between the Tornado and the top 2 competitors in America, Greenheck and LorenCook. First, the summary showing air flow versus power, then more data. This proves that the Tornado turbine rain top is better than any other design in the world. Air flows up and out without ANY restriction.


The Australians came up with these. CSR Edmonds in North Ryde, New South Wales, invented their Hurricane gravity rooftop years ago and have sold 1000s around the world. in about 2002 they decided to add a motor to it, thus creating the first hybrid combining free gravity air flow with built-in motorized air flow.

In 2015 I was asked by Allan Ramsay, their Export Sales Manager, to become their United States distributor. I opened  and signed on sales reps for Greenheck and Loren Cook in 27 states. But the product was not suited for most application here due to the inability to pull air in an static pressure about 0.1

So I improved the design and created the Invisco Tornado. See it here – you can see the big 6 bladed propeller on the 1/2 horsepower EC motor – capable of pulling air in high static pressure applications. 

Here is a most important case study – the Los Angeles suburb Studio City – where 8 of the Edmonds hybrids were used until the LA engineers found out they could not work as well as mine. Now Invisco is the only source.