Buy ES-6400

2017 – Invisco now has the highest performance ES-6400 in history. Why?
1. Pulls 6,320 CFM with just one motor and blade, not 2 like QuietCool.
2. Has infinitely variable speeds, not 2 or 4 like QC.
3. Has a 16 year warranty, not 10 years.
4. Has a wireless speed control option. 

To get the best price on this fan, call Kurt at the number above.

QuietCool makes an ES-6400 but it uses 2 of the QC 3200 CFM fans. The cost of the QC ES-6400 is $1849. Below is a picture of the QuietCool ES-6400

For the ES-6400 rafter mounted fan use this page. Note the wireless is an option at $100.00. Please call 800 579 5018 to add that to your order. 

One way is to use the “add to cart” below to purchase the ES-6400 whole house fan for list price ($1795.00) 

The second way is to become an affiliate so you can get $200.00 back when you purchase yours. Be sure to call Kurt at 951-296-3611 for this. 

You can then get the SAME amount when you tell others about Invisco and THEY buy theirs using your affiliate link! To learn how go here

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