Invisco was started by Kurt Shafer in 1978 as the INVISible screen COmpany after Kurt invented the first rollup window screen he had ever seen. Then a patent search in downtown Los Angeles revealed the first patent was in 1864.

Kurt was looking for web cam software and found the USC Tommy Trojan statue web cam put together by a team that included Carl Sutter. Carl agreed to create SnapNSend for Kurt – the first commercially available webcam software in history. 

Kurt was called by Gil Lugo with the the United States Postal Service to ask if Kurt could supply his webcam software in computers for the USPS construction sites. Gil wanted the computer and he needed a camera with pan, tilt and zoom functions and a solar system to power it all when mounted on remote poles with no power. For this project Kurt determined that he would need 3 solar panels (about 750 watts) and several batteries to power the system at night. He shipped the first system to Philadelphia for installation at the new USPS site there. 

Home inspections 2004

Kurt got licensed as a home inspector and he made it a point to ask his home buying clients if they were interested in more information about solar power and whole house fans. He was asked by RG Solar to work with them to gather leads. After a change in management there he worked with Joe Koziki at AA Solar in Temecula. Most recently he joined POWUR in Del Mar California to take advantage of their modern marketing and sales methods. See more at http://www.POWUR.com/kurt.shafer/learn

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