A Message from Kurt

Hello, it is July 27, 2017 and I am writing to thank all the great customers that have put their trust in me since 2008 when I sold my first whole house fans. It was in October 2008 that I put kits on EBay for my first 1500 CFM fans. You can see the list here – TESTIMONIALS. Over the years I improved and changed designs in search of the best way to make the best fan for you. I was lucky to finally discover the secret to high performance. My ES-6400 is the highest performance rafter mounted fan in history and my ER-8000 is the first high performance rooftop mounted whole house fan in history.

I could not have done all this without your support and your purchases. Many of you have written glowing testimonials to my products for which I am greatly appreciative.

So, to my favorite customers I say THANK YOU!


PS Please remember my affiliate program. Each of you can get nice rewards for telling friends and family. See my program here

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