This web site is devoted to health and wealth. After all, health is wealth. And energy savings builds wealth. 

Kurt has opened several informative news sites to show you
Glutathione to reverse the decline in your cells.
Plasma therapy to kill cancer cells and other unwanted ills. 
Red Light Therapy – best for fat – now replacing liposuction!

Kurt Shafer has been a solar expert since 1999 when Gil Lugo at the United States Postal Service called to ask Kurt to build off grid solar power systems for cameras mounted on poles at USPS construction sites.

Kurt used 3 solar panels feeding a battery bank in an aluminum cabinet that contained the electronic controls for properly charging the batteries and for providing AC power to the Pelco Pan Tilt and Zoom camera system plus a wireless transmitter and receiver for PTZ commands from the central computer located 1/2 mile away.

Kurt later helped John Schaeffer, president and founder of Real Goods Solar, introduce solar power to his home buyers when he did home inspections in Southern California.

Kurt is now a solar power advisor for POWUR.com, a nationwide provider founded by Jonathan Budd in Del Mar, California.