1973 Meyers Manx dune buggy

Update May 18 2024

The purpose of this web page is to show this Manx in pictures taken over the years since 1978 when we bought it. We have made many changes over the years. 

Most Important change I made was in adding horsepower to the engine. The engine was an original 40 horse, the tires were small, the gas tank was under the front hood, there were turn signals on the fenders, and more. 

The picture below was taken in mid 2022 after a body off restoration. The engine has oversize SCAT pistons that raise the displacement to just under 2,100 CC. It has a SCAT crankshaft and a Kennedy flywheel and clutch and pressure plate. It has polished and ported heads from a now closed shop in Tehachapi California. When I bought it in 1978 it had a Zenith NDIX 2 bbl carb on a Deano manifold that fed both sides of the engine. I had it tested on a dyno then and it put out 110 HP.  I later added dual Webers. See them below. The engine is now about 150 HP and will power up any sand dune from a dead stop at the bottom. The big paddle tires help add unstoppable traction. 

Below is a picture taken in about 1980 at Pismo beach. You can see the sand paddle tire at the rear. Those are so good you can IDLE SLOWLY UP TO THE BASE OF A SAND DUNE AND POWER RIGHT UP IT even with 4 people in the buggy. 

Below is Bruce Meyers and his wife, Winnie in Orange County in 2009. He inspected this buggy and confirmed its authenticity and gave me his official Manx logo for the front.

Below is the Manx logo on the front of the hood.

Below is a closer look at the dual Weber carbs. Before these were added there was just one 2 barrel Zenith NDIX carb on a manifold serving both sides of the engine. The engine horsepower was tested on a dyno with the 2 barrel and was 110 HP. It is noticeably stronger with the Webers. And below that is a closeup of the street tire, a big 33 inch diameter tire 15.5 inches wide!

Below is a hub I had custom welded from aluminum tubing to enable me to bolt dual tires on the rear. Below that picture is the dually on the sand.

Here is another picture of the dually at Pismo This dune buggy is more powerful than any other I have seen.

Below is a 1980 picture of the famous Devil’s Slide at the south end of Pismo Beach in an area called Guadalupe Dunes. In those days it was famous as a challenge to all off road vehicles because it was so steep and high. In 1982 the winter storms washed the sand off the beach and destroyed the approach to this hill. You can see a dune buggy facing the hill and preparing to challenge the slope. For a look at Pismo Beach today go here –https://www.bertsmegamall.com/blog/the-ultimate-off-road-guide-to-pismo-beach-dunes–26786?category=2157

Below are pictures of the Kennedy clutch pressure plate and flywheel that add performance.

1-2-24 adding to all this – here is an email about BringaTrailer.com – an auction site that is poised to place this Manx up for auction.

I have just discovered data published by BaT. I am sending this as proof that our Manx will sell. First, here is a picture of the distribution of sales by date and price in a map of results. Note that in 2023  3 sold for $16,000 and one for $19,000.15 were at or over $20,000. 8 were $30-40,000,  3 40-50,000 , 4 over $50,000

Now screen shots of some sold in 2023